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Whether it's for an organization, a community, or a group chat with friends, Quiet lets you control all your data without running your own servers.

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Quiet is available for all major platforms. (And eventually the web, too!)

⚠ Quiet is in beta and shouldn't be used for activities requiring security.

How it works:

While apps like Slack, Discord, and Signal use central servers, Quiet syncs messages directly between a team’s devices, over Tor, with no server required.

Technical overview
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Control your own data

Quiet stores your community's data only on your community's phones and laptops, so it's always under your control.

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No server required

Quiet gives you a peer-to-peer network that just works, so you can be independent and private without running your own server.

The privacy of Tor, built in.

Even encrypted messaging apps like Signal can leak your phone number, who you talk to, your IP addresses, and your location. Quiet builds in the Tor privacy tool to protect that data behind a global network of volunteer relays.

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Slackier than Signal

Quiet is more like Slack or Discord than Signal. Create your private space and invite people to join, with channels for different kinds of conversation.

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*Avatars & DMs coming soon!

Our Mission

We are building Quiet to sharpen the tools open societies use to hold power accountable. The software everyone uses for work and sharing ideas has grown too dependent on company-run infrastructure, undermining free software's power to hold Big Tech accountable, distorting humanity's collective expression, and limiting bottom-up power. Our mission is to fix this, by building a Slack alternative that makes no compromises on safety or freedom.

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Quiet's peer-to-peer design makes it very different from most messaging apps, but that doesn't mean it can't have all the features that make online life fun, comfortable, and productive!

What's done & what's next

Quiet makes security, privacy and freedom convenient

Quiet gives communities more control over their software, data, and metadata than almost any privacy tool (even Signal!) while remaining easy to use.

Threat model
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Breaches, never

Server breaches, where everyone's most private conversations spill out onto the public Internet forever, are a nightmare for any team. Quiet simply doesn't have servers. No servers, no breaches.

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No phone numbers

Phone numbers should be private. While Signal and WhatsApp demand a phone number and expose it to everyone you talk to and whoever might access their phone, Quiet never even asks for a phone number.

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Better location privacy

Signal and nearly every other messaging app expose your identity's IP address to a server, revealing your location. Quiet doesn't, and this matters! Location data can be used to harm you in surprising ways.

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More than just encryption

Apps like Signal & WhatsApp do encrypt messages, but they still leak metadata, such as who you talk to and when, to whoever runs the server. Quiet uses Tor to protect that too.

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Open source

Unlike Slack, Discord, WhatsApp, and the rest, Quiet is completely open source. This means there is no vendor lock-in. Developers can fork Quiet and create interoperable versions.

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We make it look easy

Creating the same great group chat experience of Slack or Discord on a peer-to-peer network built on Tor is super hard. But Quiet works well, both on laptops and phones.

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Quiet welcomes outside contributions! If you’d like to work on Quiet with us, see Contributing to Quiet for information on how to get started.

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